Language Schools

14 tutors are
native speakers
from 10 countries, such as United Kingdom,
USA, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Greece,
Finland and other
25 Speaking Examiners for Cambridge
Assessment, 9 British Council tutors,
3 English Course books' authors
such as Oxford University Press, Express
Publishing, Pearson, Longman, Macmillan
Publishers have our partners in spreading
new and innovative ideas in teaching foreign
4000 students
in 526 groups at our 13 language
schools every year
have taken
different exams in our International Examination
Centre since 2007 with 92% success rate.

About Language Schools

Language School for Adults at Shcherbaneva Str., 25, office 201-202 School of Oriental and European Languages at Frunze Str., office 623 Language School at 10 let Oktyabrya Str. Language School at 9 Liniya Str., 193 Language School at Serova Str., 26 Language School at Maluntseva Str., 15 Language School at Zaozernaya Str., 32 Language School at Vatutina Str., 1 Language School at 70 let Oktyabrya Str. Language School at Krupskaya Str., 5 Language School at Narymskaya Str., 27, 8th floor Language School at microdistrict-Gorsky, 61 Language School at Krasina Str., 56