International Education Agency

Our International Educational Agency offers a wide range of educational programs abroad as well as in our country. They are long and short term programs in Europe and America, summer and seasonal linguistic camps both in the city, in the countryside or on the seaside and in Altai. We also offer different programs to relax or the kind of extreme recreation.

Consultancy services for choosing the right path to getting proper education abroad is the main activity of the Agency which it is well known for not only among citizens of Omsk and Novosibirsk but throughout Russia and Kazakhstan. We are partners with more than 70 primary, secondary and higher educational institutions in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia and other countries. We are also working with more than 50 language schools abroad.

At the moment over 150 of our students are studying abroad. Our advice about potential institution for the child is based on professional testing of their abilities, personal characteristics and skills. Our services include not only choosing the right institution but all the range of help needed to enter a school or university with our monitoring and support during the whole period of their studies. As we contact directly to institutional staff our students' parents could be sure that whatever needed our agents could solve all the problems as quickly as possible.



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International Education —
a guarantee of your successful future

Prestigious European and American education is an étalon throughout the world.
An effective system of training combined with various internships leads students
to become competitive experts.

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20people enter
foreign schools, universities
and colleges every year
participate in educational
trips abroad every year

What services we offer

  • Consultancy services on choosing an individual educational pathway.
  • Student and tourist visas for short- and long-term programs.
  • Students monitoring and support while studying abroad.
  • FAM-trips for prospective students and their parents to foreign schools and universities.
  • Preparing for an interview at school, university, and consulate.
  • Diagnostic subject testing.
  • Purchase of rail / air tickets.
  • Translation from 20 languages, including the languages of the CIS countries.
  • Welcoming and accompanying the foreign guests in Russia.
  • Notarization, apostille.

Everything — textbooks, teachers, school and so on was unusual, because Russia is very different. And of course, unusual means interesting. Surprisingly, everyone was really interested in education, we didn`t  just study the text materials and do boring exercises, we learned and practiced English language in discussions on various topics, role plays and exciting games.

Tevelevich Ekaterina

... This experience is simply impossible to forget. It allows you not only to gain new knowledge and greatly improve your language, but also communicating with other people, understanding their culture...

Igor Dmitrievykh

King’s School Ely, United Kingdom

... Learn foreign languages and German in particular. This will provide you with many opportunities! Get a decent education in Russia and expand your horizons here in Germany. Don`t be afraid to be beyond your capabilities!

... Remember that changes bring opportunities. A change is not good or bad, it's just something different. The change will help you to grow. There is no life with no development.

Alex A.

King's School Ely, United Kingdom

I like to study here because I am surrounded by people from all over the world, and most of my teachers are not Chinese. Every day I learn something new from the culture of South Korea, Senegal, Ecuador, Ireland, Thailand and other countries. From the very first lecture our teachers started to give us the information and knowledge that we can already apply in real life.

Why us

150students study abroad with us
170international partners 27destination countries through-
out the world
20years at
the education
abroad market
We provide complete student support throughout the whole period of education abroad We have been working directly with many schools, colleges and universities for years We raise your awareness for your future life abroad We will select particular education courses for you
and your child
You will never be left on your own facing the problems in an alien country. Students are always treated with care by our loyal partners. You and your child will be ready for living and studying in a foreign country. Considering the personal traits, talents and desires.