Russian-British School

  • Marina Kolomoets

    A 10th grade student of Russian-British School

    «Before entering this school in the 10th grade I studied in a state secondary one. I must say there is a great difference between them.
    Firstly, we have a very friendly team, good teachers able to explain things clearly and treat us in a kind and supportive manner.
    If we fail to understand something at the lessons we will be given extra instructions without any nipping and pressure.

    I will also add that I have really progressed in my studies that helps me to look to honour certificate that has not been in my thoughts before»

  • Olesya Ephanova

    Mother of a 3rd grade student

    «We transferred our elder daughter from a «prestige gymnasium» to Russian-British School at the end of 2nd grade (could not wait till the end of the school year) — before she «could be wholly spoilt» as my husband said, as she began reading worse than it used to be before she went to school.

    I won’t even write about friendly atmosphere and unquestioning qualification of the teachers…teaching approach — that is what I appreciate. In this school it is really individual — I can dutifully state it. Besides, the teachers «give» a kid much more than it is said in the curriculum, which is far from being perfect»

What you get as a result of training

Chances to
enter the universities
in Russia and abroad

Skills for being successful
studying at university

Significant English
level increase

Improvement of your knowledge
in school subjects

learning skills

Courses of the Russian-British School

  • Russian part

    Preschool (5-7 y.o.)
    and school (grades 1-11)
    Russian curriculum

  • English Part

    Pathway — 5-8 grades

    Improve English, acquire academic skills, and become familiar with subjects of British curriculum.


    Study school subjects in English according to British standards.


    In-depth study of subjects in English according to British standards.

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Our teachers

School complies with European standards of education

Accreditation of British Examinations Syndicate Edexcel
as a Teaching institution (Omsk Center №97019).